LINE Rangers is the latest title in the LINE Game series. 

An alien army has taken Sally captive, and the other LINE characters must team up and fight across more than 60 stages of tower defense to rescue her. 

Dispatch the Rangers and Destroy the Enemy Tower!
Rangers sally forth from your tower on the left of the screen to attack the enemy tower on the right. Destroy the enemy tower to move to the next stage.

Screen Layout and How to Play
1)Current Minerals / Max Minerals
 “Minerals” are necessary resources for playing the game. Your current minerals and max minerals are displayed in the top right of the screen. Saving up minerals takes time, so it is vital to keep an eye on these gauges.
2)Team Members
Your team members are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Each type of Ranger costs minerals to dispatch, and the amount of minerals differs depending on the Ranger type. Deciding which type of Ranger to dispatch at a given time is the basis of a sound strategy.
3)Mineral Level
Your mineral level is shown in the bottom right of the screen. Use enough minerals and you have the option to increase your mineral level. Raising your mineral level increases your max production level. Choosing when to level up is another important skill.

Also, when the minerals gauge in the bottom right turns blue, you can launch a missile to destroy your enemies. 

Make your way through gorgeous stages to get items and new Rangers.

Powerful Items and Helping Hands
Tap the icons in the top right of the screen to rain boulders from the heavens or freeze enemies in their tracks. Items are a great help in sticky situations.
LINE Rangers
You can also call on your LINE friends to lend you a hand with a Rangers Sidekick or get one using Coins. 

Build the Ultimate Fighting Force
Use Gacha machines to collect more than 70 types of cute and powerful Rangers, each with their own skills and characteristics. Choose the best combination of attack, defense, speed, or balanced characters to form the strongest team possible. Fix on your favorite five to form a formidable fighting force.
LINE Rangers
Upgrade Your Tower, Missiles, and Minerals
From the Upgrade screen you can increase the damage yield of your missiles, make your tower stronger, and increase your mineral production speed and max mineral level. All are essential for success, but it’s up to you what order you upgrade them.
With more than 60 stages and over 70 LINE characters to collect and play with, there is practically no end to the fun. Don’t let Sally rot in an alien dungeon; dispatch your Rangers today!

LINE Rangers
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