The sticker feature first appeared on LINE in October 2011. Since then, we have received countless requests from users asking us to let them create their own stickers or make stickers out of their original characters. 

Now anyone can create and sell original stickers with the new “LINE Creators Market” coming to LINE this spring! 

The new LINE Creators Market welcomes everyone from professional designers to amateur artists to try their hand at sticker creation and merchandising, regardless of whether you are working independently or as part of a corporation. The new service is set to open this spring. Until it does, try familiarizing yourself with the guidelines for sticker submission and start preparing your sticker ideas and illustrations!LINE wants YOU! to create stickers

Qualifications for Registration:
Anyone with a LINE account may register as a creator in the LINE Creators Market.

Sticker Vending Process
  1. Register as a creator
  2. Submit your sticker data and accompanying text (Guidelines: )
  3. Submissions screened by LINE
  4. Your stickers become available for purchase on the LINE Web Store
Please see the following page for more details on the process.

Sticker Sales
Original sticker sets will be sold for JPY 100 each. Creators will receive 50% of the revenue received from the sale of their stickers.

This is your chance to get over 300 million LINE users around the world to use YOUR stickers. Together, we can make LINE stickers better than ever. We’re looking forward to seeing your creative side!