US-based app market analysis firm App Annie has released its worldwide app rankings for 2013. LINE ranked No.1 in the world for sales on iOS and Android. 

App Annie Index: 2013 Retrospective

iOS/Google Play 2013 Worldwide Sales Rankings (Excluding Games) 

LINE also ranked 6th in the worldwide download rankings, surpassing Twitter and YouTube.

iOS/Google Play 2013 Worldwide Downloads (Excluding Games)
Furthermore, LINE achieved the top spot in worldwide publisher sales, and 5th in the worldwide games publisher rankings. 

iOS/Google Play 2013 Worldwide Publisher Sales (Excluding Games)

iOS/Google Play 2013 Worldwide Publisher Sales (Games Included)
Just two and a half years since launching in June 2011, LINE now provides services for more than 340 million users worldwide. LINE is honored to be shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s pre-eminent apps.

Here at LINE we will continue to provide the best service possible for people all over the world. 

Data provided by App Annie