Install the official LINE family app LINE camera and get a limited edition set of stickers to use in your LINE chats.

LINE camera lets you easily edit your photos and post them on a variety of social networking services, including LINE. Use stylish filters, a wide collection of cute stamps and frames, and easy-to-use text and brush tools to make your pictures pop. A recent update added the Beauty feature, which lets you transform even the least flattering photos into something out of a photo shoot.

Just look at how much better the photo below becomes! 

The limited edition stickers feature all of your favorite LINE characters showing their sensitive sides.
 LINE camera Love & Beauty (8 stickers)

Download Conditions:
Install the LINE camera app on your smartphone within the event period to download the stickers.

Download Period:
Tuesday, December 10 till Wednesday, January 8

How to Download:
1. Install LINE camera on your smartphone.
2. Access the LINE Sticker Shop and tap the Event button.
3. Select “LINE Love & Beauty”
4. Tap the Download button.

Don’t miss this chance to try out LINE camera and get these lovely LINE stickers featuring all your favorite characters!

NOTES: These stickers are only available on LINE versions 3.5.0 and above, running on iOS versions 4.3 and above or Android versions 2.1 and above. The stickers are available for use for 90 days after the date of download.

Install LINE camera from the URLs below