LINE Nutlings Tournament is the latest addition to the LINE GAME series. This trick-based action title centers on a trio of acorn-loving, mischievous creatures known as “Nutlings,” who pile into a makeshift cart and race through a variety of stages while popping wheelies and doing backflips.


Basic Gameplay: Perform tricks with your cart as it rolls along.
Your cart rolls forward by itself. The player’s job is to make the cart do all kinds of tricks, all while maintaining the balance of the cart. The score you receive at the finish line is used to compete for rankings with your friends. 

The secret to achieving high scores is to use the hills and cliffs scattered throughout the stage to help you perform sweet tricks. Backflips and wheelies are the two types of trick available to players. Your score goes up if you manage to land the cart smoothly after doing a trick. Blow a landing and your cart falls apart. Don’t worry though! It gets repaired almost instantly, putting you back on your merry way in no time, so there’s nothing stopping you from trying as many tricks as you want!
LINE Nutlings Tournament

Design your dream ride, nurture your Nutlings

The Coins you earn while playing the game can be used to upgrade the parts of your ride, as well as level up the Nutlings themselves. These modifications aren’t just eye candy; they lead to higher scores.
LINE Nutlings Tournament
The game offers three kinds of stages, with new courses swapped in weekly to keep the game fresh. The gameplay itself is simple enough, but the more you boost your trick-popping skills, the more fun the game becomes. Take Nutlings out for a test ride and see how many tricks you can land!


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