It's here at last! "LINE I Love Coffee" Sticker Event!
Gabriel and the secretary Kate has been deformed into a cute LINE Stickers!! Clear the "Sticker Promotion Event" and get the Sticker!


You will be able to download the original Sticker of "LINE I Love Coffee" from your LINE if you clear the "Sticker Promotion Event" shown bellow during the event period.

Period: From 12:00, July 11 - Until 6:00, July 29
*The date and time is shown in GMT+9 time zone
Required condition: You must be over Lv5 to join the event.
*Please note that you are unable to receive the Stickers, even if you clear the mission, if you are playing with a Guest ID. Make sure you login with your LINE ID and play the game.

[Important Info]
•  The Event period may change without any notice in advance.
•  The content of the event may change, or be cancelled, by some operative reason.
•  If there's any change, we will let you know from the News.
•  If the event doesn't show/start properly after starting time of the period, please terminate the game application completely and login again.

Enjoy the communication with lots of your Café friends using the cute Stickers.  

LINE I Love Coffee