LINE GAME brings you another exciting new game, LINE Touch Touch! 


It’s simple!
Touch two Blocks of the same design to join them with a line and eliminate them. Make sure you avoid any obstacles or other Blocks in the way, as the line can only make up to two turns! 

Eliminate eight pairs of Blocks to enter Fever Mode! In this mode, any Block you touch will be eliminated automatically along with its matching Block, so go nuts and touch away to achieve amazing scores! 

You will also get a new Block every time you refresh your best score or reach the next level. There are a total of four Block categories, namely Fruits, Flowers, Fantasy, and Sushi. When you collect all 16 Blocks in any of the categories, you’ll receive bonus points and Coins! You can also choose to use any of the four categories of Blocks to replace the default animal Blocks.

Each play costs one Heart, and in LINE Touch Touch, there are five different types of Hearts. Each type has a different effect, so make sure you try them all!
Red: One play
Green: Makes it easier to enter Fever Mode
Purple: Extends Fever Mode by three seconds
Yellow: Get a 20% bonus on your experience score
Blue: Get a 50% bonus on your game score

The game starts in Easy mode, but as you reach higher levels, you’ll have the choice of switching to the Normal, Hard and Extreme modes. Harder modes give you higher scores, so crank up the difficulty level and use items to overtake all your friends in the ranking! Don’t miss the helpful items that appear during the game too!

Play with your LINE friends for even more fun! You can send and receive Hearts, and battle with them for higher positions in the ranking. Join in the LINE Touch Touch fever today – it’s a game for every one!