A new sticker format joined animated and sound stickers today, adding a new way for you to close the distance with your LINE friends.

Introducing new, screen-filling pop-up stickers!

The first time they are received, these dynamic stickers fill the LINE chat screen with their animations.

Pop-up stickers debut with Brown & Cony's Big Love Stickers, featuring the couple's overflowing love, now on sale!
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1 set of 16: USD1.99 (100 Coins)

Store page
LINE in-app Sticker Shop (Only viewable on smartphones)

Compatible LINE versions
Version 6.3.0 and above (on earlier versions of LINE, pop-up stickers will appear as static stickers instead)

Note: If a pop-up sticker does not play after opening LINE from a push notification, tapping the sticker will play the animation.

Get the message across to family and friends when it matters most with these expressive and dynamic pop-up stickers!