The Android version of the latest update for LINE (version 5.6.0) was released today, marking a new era of convenience for users looking for quick and easy ways to add friends.
*iPhone version has been released too. (28th October 2015) 

- Search for Friends by Phone Number
With this latest update, it is now possible to search for friends by phone number.

Now, if you meet someone new, you can add them right to your LINE friends as long as you know their phone number. You can also add all of your closest friends by phone number without having to link your contacts list. With this new process, it's easy to add all of your friends just by knowing their digits!

LINE has implemented some limitations on this feature in order to protect user privacy.
Who can search for others' phone numbers?
→Users who have registered their phone number on LINE.
Whose phone numbers can be found using this feature?
→Users who have turned on* "Allow Others to Add" under Settings > Friends 
*This setting is turned on by default.
To prevent misuse of this feature, LINE has also implemented limits on the number of times users can use the feature in a certain amount of time, as well as measures to prevent randomnumber searching. Users found to be misusing the feature will be temporarily restricted from using it.

Other Updates
- Find Your Own LINE ID with Ease
Your LINE ID is now a part of your LINE profile. Now you'll never forget your LINE ID again!
- "Friend Recommendations" Joins the Friends Menu
The Friend Recommendations feature is now part of the Friends menu, making it even easier to get connected with those close to you on LINE.

We'll keep doing everything we can to provide you with the most convenient and secure services possible. We especially love hearing suggestions from you!