LINE@ in finally here, bringing a new option for communication that can be used by individuals, groups, and businesses.

This blog will introduce some tips and tricks to make your LINE@ experience as pleasant as possible. Download and register for LINE@ by going here.

3 Main Features
L1-on-1 chats
LPosting to Home

Using LINE@ Effectively
LManage with multiple people
LIncreasing friend counts
LCheck statistical data
LHow to effectively start 1-on-1 chats

Increase Your Reach! 3 Main Sending Features
Messages, 1-on-1 Chats, Home Posts

LINE@ is best used by taking advantage of its 3 main features for distributing information: messages, 1-on-1 chats, and posts to Home. Information sent through LINE@ will be sent to LINE and LINE@ accounts that have added your account as a friend.

▼Messages: Send messages to your friends all at once
→ When you need to share news right away, or make sure everyone reads what you want them to!
1-on-1 chats: Chat 1-on-1 with your fans and customers
→ Respond to individual customer support requests, take care of reservation scheduling and more! 
Posts to Home: Post to your own Home to display news on your LINE@ friends’ Timelines 
→ Posts remain on your Home, so they can be viewed by friends that add your account later on. These are perfect for sharing update information!


Messages sent to all your friends at once can be created from the management page or the top-right of the Chat page from the Megaphone mark.

Create a message by going to Create New Message > Edit Message.

1-on-1 Chats

You can chat with your friends in 1-on-1 chats just like the regular LINE app.

In order to send a message to someone, they must first send a message to you. The initial conversation must be started by the other party. 
Hint→ Starting 1-on-1 Chats Naturally

Posts to Home

Similar to the Chat feature, LINE@ offers the post to Home feature that lets you post up-to-date news to your friends’ Timelines.

Messages posted will remain on your account’s Home, so users added as friends will be able to view them regardless of the time they were added.

There are no limits to the number of posts you can make to your Home! Post any kind of information you like!

Learn How to Use All of LINE@’s Features!
Tips to Get the Most Out of LINE@

Manage an Account with Multiple People

Create an account for a shop, such as a cafe for example, and multiple members of the staff can manage it together. Admins can easily add friends from their LINE friends list. Just make sure you’re friends with the person you want to add beforehand. Go to Manage > Manage admins> Manage members to add an admin.

What Are the QR Code and Add Friend Buttons?
Let everyone know about your account!

Once your account is all set up, post your LINE@ ID or QR Code to your business cards and flyers. We can also issue an Add Friend button that you can use on the internet.

To create QR Codes and Add Friend buttons, go to Settings > Profile.

Did Your Friend Count Go Up? Check Out Your Stats!

Changes in your number of friends and block rates can be viewed by going to Manage > Statistics.

You can also check Timeline post page views and unique users to see how many people your posts are reaching.

Starting 1-on-1 Chats Naturally
Set Your Welcome Message

A message must be sent to you first before you can use the 1-on-1 chat feature, which lets you respond individually to customer support requests and other inquiries.

Type something in your add friend auto-message like “Thanks for friending us. Send us a message to start a conversation!” and you’ll be able to easily start conversations with users without making them feel obligated to talk to you.

You can check the settings from Manage > Settings > Profile > Greeting Message.

You can find out further information about LINE@ from this website.

Both individuals and businesses can use LINE@ for all their needs!

Google Play:

Search "LINEat" in the App Store or Google Play to find the app.