A new addition to LINE GAME, LINE Puzzle TanTan, has hit the scenes! This block-matching puzzle game asks players to match blocks with the same design by connecting them with lines that bend twice or less! Enjoy a world full of cute animals and food as well as the invigorating feeling of having to think fast on your feet with LINE Puzzle TanTan!

How to Play: Look for block pairs and eliminate them as fast as you can!

Find pairs of blocks showing the same food and tap on them both! You'll see a line shown in the space around the play field, and if this line can connect the blocks by bending two times or less, the blocks will be eliminated! You can also get rid of blocks if the pair is touching.

If you can manage to eliminate all the blocks within the time allotted, you'll clear the stage! The faster you eliminate them all, the higher your score! If you can manage to quickly eliminate multiple block pairs in succession, you'll start a combo count. If this combo count reaches 10, you'll be able to clear away any pair of blocks regardless of what food they show or where they are! Aim for high combo counts to get a high score!

There are lots of challenging stages with different combinations of block locations that make sure you're always on your toes. Try out different strategies, from eliminating pairs as fast as you can to taking a second to think your moves through, and find what works best for the stage you're on!

Use cute pets and useful items for an even higher score!

The different pets found in the world of Puzzle TanTan come with a variety of unique skills, including increasing the time you have for a stage, adding bonuses to your score, giving you hints when you're stuck, and more! Summon them to bring them along on your Puzzle TanTan adventure! You can also aim for a higher score by using items that can shuffle block positions, crush blocks with a hammer, and more, so figure out how to use the in-game items best, too!

What's more, your LINE friends will be shown on the map with scores for each stage they've completed, meaning you can enjoy competing with them for the high score. Try it out!

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