With the release of the latest version of LINE, ver. 4.6.0, you can now find stickers just by entering text with the new Suggest feature. We’ve also added a few updates to make the LINE experience even more convenient, including an option to create a shortcut for LINE Premium Call, and more.

This update will first be available only on Android devices. Please wait a while if you are using iOS.
*The latest version of LINE, ver.4.6.0 has been released for iOS too. 
For the latest LINE update, go to: http://line.me/update

Suggest Feature for Stickers and Emoji
The new version of LINE has been equipped with a Suggest feature that allows you to find stickers and emoji just by entering text. For example, by typing the word “sleepy,” you’ll be shown stickers of characters doing things like yawning or taking a nap.
Please Note: Currently, only the free stickers and Emoji that have been available on LINE since its beginning, along with a certain portion of paid stickers, are compatible with the Suggest feature. More stickers and Emoji will be made compatible in the future.

If you don’t want to use the feature, you can turn it OFF by going to Settings, then Stickers > Display Suggestions. The feature is currently available in Japanese, English, and Spanish, so you can also choose your preferred language for the feature by going to Settings > Stickers > Display Suggestions > Languages.

Add Friends From Timelines
You can now add friends by tapping on the names of people who have left comments or likes on the Timelines of friends, making it even easier to become friends with other users.

Try adding people that look like they share similar interests to you as friends! If you don’t want to let people add you as friends from Timelines, you can turn this setting OFF as well. 

Chats List Searches (Available First on iOS Devices)
It’s now easier to find the chat you’re looking for with the new feature that lets you search your Chats List the same way as your Friends list. Pull the Chats list screen down to bring up a search window.

This search function finds chats using the following information:
  • The account names of friends for 1-on-1 chats.
  • The account names of friends in multi-person chats
  • The group names of group chats
Please Note: Group chats cannot be searched for using the account names of individual members.

Line Premium Call Shortcut Icon Setup
The LINE Premium Call service allows you to make inexpensive calls to fixed lines and cell phone numbers. Until now, it was necessary to first start up LINE to access the service, but as requested by users, we have created a way to set an icon on your home screen that allows direct access to LINE Premium Call.

If you want to set the icon on your home screen, go to Premium Call Settings > Create Shortcut on the Home Screen.

Chats and Links can now be Forwarded or Shared with up to 10 Recipients at Once (Available First on Android Devices)
Until now, you could only forward one talk or share one external site link with one chat room at a time. With this update, you can now share or send these with up to 10 groups or chat rooms at once!

​Stickers and Themes Now Purchasable With LINE Coins on iOS Devices
Previously only available on Android devices, the LINE Coins feature has been added to iOS devices as well. LINE Coins offer bonuses of up to 1,000 Coins, a value worth ten JPY 200 sticker sets. Bonuses vary according to the purchase price.

How to Purchase Coins
Go to More > Settings > Coins > Charge and tap the amount you wish to purchase.
Note: Stickers and themes on versions 4.6.0 and later can only be purchased using LINE Coins.

We’ve also added Arabic compatibility, a new screen shown after reinstalling the app, and more.

At LINE, we continuously strive to update our service to meet user demands in order to provide a safer and easier-to-use service for all our users.